Our camels spend winter at Mount Augustus (the world’s biggest rock) providing an authentic camel experience in the real Australian outback. During your tour you will learn a few interesting facts about camels and their history in Australia and this region.

Mount Augustus (Burringurrah to the Wajarri aboriginal people) rises about 715m above the surrounding plain (twice the height of Uluru)
and is an inselberg – an island rock. The geological structure is known as an ‘asymetrical anticline’ and is about 1,600 million years old,
about three times older than Uluru.

The rides take you through some stands of Mulga, minor water courses, and open country affording you fantastic views of the rock from atop the camels.We will return to Mount Augustus in April 2022.

The rock is about 8klm long and 5klm wide and 50 klm around the loop road.

The first non-indigenous person to climb the rock was Francis Thomas Gregory on 1 June 1858.
Gregory subsequently named the rock after his brother Augustus Charles Gregory – later Sir Augustus.Swap bottom video with “walking towards rock”